Rewind: Estrada 1-2-3, De Lima’s inspiration and Nora Aunor

Looming pain

Did you know that loom bands can make your pets ill? To be honest, I have no idea how and why loom bands became popular among Filipino adults — to the extent of Senator Jinggoy Estrada considering taking it up as a hobby while in jail.


I surrender – Estrada 1

Speaking of Jinggoy, the beleaguered lawmaker on Monday surrendered to his father, former president and Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada. Smart move. Was it the Estrada camp’s tactic to maintain dignity and save face? But then, did it really make a difference on the public’s perception?



While President Aquino was busy meeting with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, MILF chairman Murad Ebrahim and Jica officials in Japan, comedienne-singer Cynthia Patag was apologizing to netizens for her earlier rant against “Yolanda” victims. Were all the victims “squatters”? But more importantly, after the unprecedented tragedy that hit the Philippines, don’t they deserve the right to seek government assistance and humane treatment? Fortunately, Filipinos were quick to accept Patag’s apology.

Instascrutiny – Estrada 2

Uh oh. Another lifestyle check via social media. Jinggoy’s son Jolo Estrada came under fire after allegedly posting photos of his “extravagant” lifestyle. Netizens have started comparing him to Jeane Napoles. Looks like our netizens are on a roll this week.


Elimination? – Estrada 3

We have no plan to eliminate Mayor Estrada” was Malacanang’s reply to accusations that it is backing the disqualification case filed against the former president. We’re feeling the election fever even before Christmas season starts.

Condo dues

President Aquino was in a good mood on Wednesday night, joking about his 25th wedding anniversary and Megaworld’s marketing tactics. But seriously, where do they get our numbers? I’ve received 4 condo offers through text since March.

Oh. And can you imagine the President working in the private sector after 2016?


Rain = Traffic

Everything is back to normal. School days, rain, floods and traffic. Even the Power Plant Mall got swamped. It was no surprise that Aquino was late for an event. Just 20 minutes. No biggie. His convoy even got there faster than his advance team, which got stuck somewhere in Manila.Justice Secretary Leila de Lima and President Benigno Aquino III


Ever wondered who Justice Secretary Leila de Lima’s inspiration is? None other than His Excellency who she calls her “constant source of inspiration and courage in pursuing the truth without fear or favor.”


Walang himala

I’m not a fan of Nora Aunor but I am digging this article by Bayani San Diego. So the superstar promised to support Ninoy Aquino. Interesting.

What’s more interesting? NCCA’s claim that “some moles inside Malacañang released to the media what is supposed to be a confidential letter to the President.” Ok. If you consider Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. a “mole” then I guess that’s true. Coloma during a press briefing pointed out that the NCCA supported Aquino’s decision to drop Aunor from the roster of national artists. When asked for a copy of NCCA chair Felipe de Leon Jr.’s letter, he said sure. And that was during a televised press briefing. Hours later, Palace reporters (including me) were furnished with a copy.

In his letter, De Leon said media reports were misleading.


Rewind is a weekly compilation of news I find interesting (mostly topics and events I covered). My comments do not represent the views of my employer.


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