The fallacy of SanrioTown and Hello-Kitty-not-a-cat announcement

Netizens woke up to bad news on Thursday.

No, it was not President Aquino’s statement accusing the Supreme Court of uber meddling. It was not even the very long press conference of Chief Justice Sereno.


Netizens all over the world learned that their beloved cartoon character Hello Kitty was not a cat…but a girl all along.


So the cat is now out of the bag…well in this case, the girl.

“My life is a lie,” many young women posted on Twitter.

If we were led to believe that Kitty was a cat then what else could we have missed out on?


I myself grew up adoring stickers of Hello Kitty and her twin sister Mimi. And while the correction did make sense — after all they were portrayed as having human-like characteristics and everything is possible in the world of cartoons (If the creator says she’s a girl then better believe she’s a girl) — I decided to dig deeper.

I put my investigative skills to good use by Googling more about this girl named Kitty.

While I have yet to conclude my probe, I just want to share some of my initial finding with you guys.

I listed down several flaws in the reasoning of Hello Kitty’s creators and the world of SanrioTown

1. Hello Kitty (or the British maiden named Kitty White) has whiskers and fluffy ears. If she is a “girl” in the world of SanrioTown, then why do her friends not look like her? If you check the website of SanrioTown, you’ll see that some of her friends are characters that look like sheep or other mammals. How do you define a girl? Is the only basis of being a girl or a boy in SanrioTown being able to walk upright and wear clothes?

2. Why does she look like her pet cat? Again, there is a need for distinction. Don’t you find it creepy to have a pet that looks exactly like you but is just on all fours and not wearing any clothes. Kinda sick right?

3. If in the world of SanrioTown, girls and boys are cute animal-looking characters then why does Hello Kitty have a friend who claims to be a teddy bear? Why is an inanimate object included in the cast? How is Tiny Chum the teddy bear different from Tippy the brotherly bear? And why is Tippy called a bear while Kitty is called a girl? Why are bears being treated as second-class citizens in SanrioTown?

4. If Kitty is a girl then would it be alright to pair her up with Tippy who has a crush on her? How can a girl and a bear be together? And why are cat-looking characters the only ones called girls and boys in the world of SanrioTown?

So that’s what I have so far. I just felt that there were a lot of inconsistencies when it came to the characters so I needed to share them here. FYI, I barely remember the cartoons and just based all the junk I wrote here on the website.

How about you, what do you think about this piece of disturbing news?


UPDATE: Okay so this articles does a great job at explaining the whole not a cat but looks like a cat thing:


Still, it really is crazy that cartoons feature such characters with pets. Another pet peeve of mine: commercials that feature dancing chickens or pork or even potatoes. Hello? You’re killing those animals and then you sell them as meat. Why would they be happy and promote the product for you?


Honestly, I had more fun reading spin off material:

Grimace is my favorite fastfood mascot but it has always bothered me that I don’t really know what he is. The other characters at McDonald’s represent food but Grimace is…well, he doesn’t look like anything edible…except ube or yam, which he isn’t.

It came to a point when after ordering at McDo Katipunan I asked the cashier what Grimace was. She had to ask her manager who couldn’t answer me also. In the end, she said they thought Grimace was some sort of dessert.

Well, probably close enough. Material online would show that Grimace was once portrayed as a villainous character who stole milkshakes.


By the way, good job to brands who immediately though of how tap into the the virality of the story.

That’s what you call real-time advertising ( See, I’m learning something from my digital marketing classes.


In other news, did you know that Guyito is not a tamaraw?



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