What’s it like to be a strong woman’s daughter

My mom and I have a complicated relationship. We love each other very much but keep us in one room and sooner or later we’ll find something to disagree on or quarrel about.

I tell her that I acquired my quick temper (which I am able to manage when we’re kilometers away from each other) from her. Or perhaps I’m just less patient with her. You see, my mom, like every other concerned mother in the planet, can be overbearing at times.

This is one of the reasons why I choose to live away from home. We definitely have a better relationship when we’re away from each other and our interactions are reduced to concerned text messages and calls. After all, doesn’t absence make the heart grow fonder?

(As a manager though, she’s had very good relations with her agents. I guess she’s just overbearing with her children :p)

The truth is, people are probably right in saying that we have the same personality and that’s the reason why we often clash.

I can imagine my mom reading this and shaking her head. Isn’t this supposed to be a tribute to her? But it is. Despite everything that we have been through, at the end of every emotional struggle in my life, I would have to say that “mother knows best.”

My mom has kept our family together. She has provided for us, done a lot to keep us happy during challenging times.

I might see her as overbearing at times, but instead of pushing us away, she scoops me and my brother back into the family circle.

She is the most rational person I have ever met and that trait of hers has kept me afloat. She also thought me not to be judgmental and instead be more caring towards other people.

She is the epitome of sacrifice. She has given a lot up for my father, me and my brother. She is the most non-materialistic person I have ever known. Isusubo na lang, ibibigay pa sa amin. She waives her share whenever we buy treats, just to satisfy our own cravings. Such simple gestures remind me that she loves us so much.

And so despite our clashing personalities, my mom remains my biggest fan, supporter and benefactor. I feel at ease knowing that when the going gets tough I can always go home and rely on her…to remind me that even if the rest of the world hates me, rejects me, I will always be loved by her and our family.

Thank you ma for loving me unconditionally and teaching me to become a strong woman like you. Happy birthday ma!



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