Numero Zero by Umberto Eco


In between travels, I finally finished this book.
Book #2016001
Numero Zero by Umberto Eco
The plot of Umberto Eco’s latest novel, Numero Zero, had a lot of promise — conspiracies, fascism, journalist hacks and murder. Unfortunately, the execution was disappointing.

It was a slow, excruciating read for me. I had to trudge through 4/5 of the book with only dialogue pushing the story forward.

I got a few nice cynical quotes on journalism but other than that it wasn’t what I expected it to be. Nevertheless, I am impressed by Umberto Eco’s use of intertextuality.

Favorite quotes:

“Don’t use the word ‘blackmail.’ We publish news. As the New York Times says, ‘All the news that’s fit to print.'”

“To know what to include in a newspaper, you have, as journalists say, to set the agenda. There’s no end of news in this world…It’s not the news that makes the newspaper, but the newspaper that makes the news.”

“Note that ‘making news’ is a great expression. We’re the ones who make the news, and we must know how to make it emerge between the lines.”

“The point is that newspapers are not there for spreading news but for covering it up.”

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