Japan: The old and the new in Tokyo

From Osaka Castle, I take you to Japan’s busiest city in the third installment of this blog series (read my first post here).

Thanks to Japan’s fastest bullet train, we arrived in Tokyo from Osaka in less than three hours. We went straight to Shibuya, our home for the next two days.

First order of business was for my parents to take a photo with the famed Hachiko statue outside Shibuya station. And then, of course, we had to try the Shibuya Crossing – one of the busiest intersections in the world. Like any tourist, we crossed even if we didn’t need to. 😀 Continue reading

Japan: Eat, shop, play in Osaka

In my last post, you read about our busy day at Kyoto, straight from a red-eye flight from Manila.

For the second installment of my Japan blog series, I’m going to share with you our experience during our brief stay in Osaka.

Visiting Osaka, the second biggest metropolitan area in Japan, is my favorite part of our trip. What’s not to love when there is so much to see and experience without spending a lot (well, compared to Tokyo)? Continue reading

Japan: Temple Running in Kyoto

Last June, my family flew to Japan for a vacation. And with only four days to spare, we took on the challenge of visiting three of its most popular cities — Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo.

I figured that since it will probably take us a while before we went back to Japan, we might as well see as many places as possible.

Of course I later realized that while it was doable, it was terribly exhausting. Nevertheless, we accomplished our goal and went home with a luggage full of pasalubong and hearts filled with wonder. If you’re my Facebook friend, you can check out the video of our trip here. Continue reading